A celebration of Bismarck

Hello Bismarck friends!  Thanks to you and your support in 2014, Intersection Journal launched with extreme momentum after I spoke at 1 Million Cups downtown.  Since then I have made some incredible lifelong friends, have absorbed your infectious spirit of innovation and admired your ability to do life together.  Thank you for treating me as one of your own even though I’ve only lived in this great state for two years.


A few months ago I had the privilege to collaborate with Keenan and Caleb Hauff of Threefold on a project that took us to a number of rooftops throughout Bismarck.  The view was incredible and I was able to capture some of my favorite images to date.


In celebration of Intersection Journal’s relaunch and that we are more than 70% of the way to reaching our goal of raising $29,000 for our Kickstarter campaign, I am offering these 3 epic images of Bismarck for sale at a discounted price for a limited time.  You can purchase a print here, look for BISMARCK CELEBRATION as the reward heading.


Photographed with my medium-format camera system, these pictures are startlingly clear and detailed.  You’ve never seen Bismarck like this!  Click the images below for a larger size –


The Capital at night | Bismarck

The North Dakota Capital grounds at night as seen from a nearby rooftop.

Main Street, Bismarck

Main Street in Bismarck at night as seen from a nearby rooftop.

The Capital at dusk | Bismarck

The Capital building and the Missouri River are seen at dusk from a nearby rooftop.


During our Kickstarter Campaign, I am offering multiple sizes of these images as fine-art prints at a 35% discount.  The discount will only be available until May 20, 2016, at 11:59pm (when our Kickstarter ends). After that, the price will go up.


Questions? Email me: c@ziemendorf.com


Want a discounted beautiful print of your own?


Click here to get yours.   Look for the BISMARCK CELEBRATION reward categories.


I created 5 new custom BISMARCK CELEBRATION rewards for our Kickstarter campaign.  The variety of sizes and prices give you some great options so you’re sure to find one that fits for you.  Again, this 35% discount is only available until May 20, don’t wait, get yours early so that you don’t miss this opportunity!


Want something ready to hang?  Choose the $936, $1,640 or $2,550 reward for the METAL PRINT.   

QUESTIONS?  EMAIL ME!  c@ziemendorf.com


Get the Watford City Tribute print here.     Don’t forget to look for the WATFORD CITY TRIBUTE reward categories.


Bismarck Celebration print prices


Questions?  Email me: c@ziemendorf.com

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