36 beautiful ways to show love for Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota

We are in love with this region.  In my previous post I dubbed it the “Middle of Everywhere” because we couldn’t be more imbedded in the center of it all.  The USA stretches just as far to our right as it does to our left, and the feeling is incredible.


The four states of Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota are amazing and we want to give you an awesome tool to show everyone exactly how incredible you think they are.  Introducing our gorgeous Facebook banners featuring world-class photography from right here in the region we love.


Because we know you how much you love your state, we want you to show it in a big (and beautiful!) way.


Show your state love!

Introducing the complete collection of Facebook banners including color, black and white and MT/WY/ND/SD state branding!  NOTE:  All banners with state branding are also available without text/state shapes.


We created these gorgeous Facebook banners so that you can adorn your Facebook profile page with INCREDIBLE photography that features scenes from North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming!


Click on the image above for more detail!


You can get the banners here.


We just added a new pledge reward level on our Kickstarter campaign.  For a $2 contribution you can select any one banner, and for a $5 contribution you can download the entire set and have the full collection at your disposal.  Switch Facebook banners as often as you wish!  


All of the banners are available with or without state pride lettering and state shapes.


Your Facebook profile has never looked better!  And you will be supporting an awesome cause that loves North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming as much (maybe more!) than you do!


These banners are only available during our Kickstarter campaign.


GET THE BANNERS NOW!  THESE ARE ONLY AVAILABLE UNTIL MAY 20 AT 11:59PM – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1059831060/intersection-journal/

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